Cheraw Packing Plant, 578 US Highway 1: February 2021 (2021/05/15)

The venerable Cheraw Packing Plant met an untimely demise back in February when it burned to the ground. On the week of the fire, I was thinking about buying some ribeyes from here to grill for my wife's fortieth birthday. I had bought ribeyes from Cheraw Packing Plant a couple of times before within the last year or so, and the price and quality were pretty good. Although I can't find it at the moment, I recall reading an article in The Link that mentioned the owner considering reopening Cheraw Packing Plant at the old Pee Dee Ice And Fuel Company building (?), but that plan appears to have fallen through. Since then, I have heard no news about Cheraw Packing Plant reopening. What a shame.

NY Center, 153 Market Street: before 2019 (2021/04/30)

NY Center was a clothing store that was located across from the old Wannamaker Drug store. I was not able to find any information about NY Center online, and since my 2019 phone book, which is the oldest phone book that I own for the area, does not have a listing for this business, I can only say that NY Center was closed some time before 2019.

As you can see from the pictures, the building is a complete wreck. The floor has been removed. The ceiling is collapsing in some places. This building either requires a massive and expensive restoration or needs to be torn down; I wouldn't be surprised if the latter occurs.

Wannamaker Drug, 154 Market Street: February 1, 2021 (relocated) (2021/04/21)

At the beginning of February, the Wannamaker Drug store in Cheraw moved from its longtime downtown location at 154 Market Street to the old P&H Pharmacy location at 700 Chesterfield Highway. The new location gives the Wannamaker Drug store a drive-thru window that it did not have before. It is also a prime location for patients of the McLeod Health doctors' office next door and hospital.

The only time I went into Wannamaker Drug was years ago during a school field trip of the historical sites around downtown Cheraw. It had an ice cream counter, and we all had ice cream cones. I got vanilla because...well...that's mostly what I ate at the time. Why do people refer to vanilla as being plain? It's its own flavor. Vanilla really doesn't ever seem to get a fair shake (no pun, really). If it were the base that all other flavors were built off of, sure, you're got a point, but that's not the case. Still, I have moved onto other flavors as I've gotten older; I'm more of a mint chocolate chip kinda guy these days...but I can still appreciate vanilla.