Fred's, 2404 West Boulevard, Chesterfield: 2019 (2021/07/24)

Fred's was a discount store chain, like Dollar General and Family Dollar. Though I'm not sure if the Fred's in Chesterfield had one, some locations did have pharmacies. The Fred's store in Chesterfield closed back in 2019 as part of a large group of store closings within the Fred's chain. By the end of the year, the entire Fred's chain was out of business.

I am pretty sure the Chesterfield Fred's had already closed when I was in the area taking pictures for the Chesterfield Bi-Rite closing, but for whatever reason, I just didn't think to drive down the road a bit further to take pictures of Fred's that day, too. About a week or so ago, I was on the way back from Monroe so it was more convenient to get these pictures and also the pictures for the Quik Stop closing. Although I never went into this Fred's location, I do recall visiting one when I lived in West Columbia years ago. My wife and I bought a cheap waffle maker from that Fred's, only to use it once or twice and then proceed to give it away when we moved. Waffle makers are mostly a novelty item like bread makers, which you can typically find at most thrift stores.

Quik Stop / Bruce's Quik Stop & Greenhouses, 13709 Highway 9, Chesterfield: 2011 (2021/07/18)

Quik Stop was a gas station and convenience store located on the outskirts of the west side of Chesterfield. Looking at one of the gas pumps, I can see that Quik Stop was associated with the Amoco fuel brand. The $1.48 per gallon regular fuel price along with the window picture of Nascar driver Kevin Harvick's 2010-2011 car seem to suggest that this station was still open in 2011 but not for much longer. Although I didn't see any greenhouse on the property, when searching for the street address on the internet, I found an alternate name for the business: Bruce's Quik Stop & Greenhouses. Also, according to the Chesterfield County GIS website, this property was sold back in March. Perhaps a new gas station and/or convenience store will open here in the near future.

Thomas Antiques, 92 Powe Street: 2014 (2021/07/11)

Even though I had never been inside the store, I can remember Thomas Antiques being at 92 Powe Street in Cheraw for the longest time. I cannot nail down a specific closing date or even year for Thomas Antiques, but I will go with 2014 because the most recent ad I can find in The Link (paywalled) is from July of that year.

The building has been for sale for a while, and given the amount of structural damage I am seeing from the outside, when someone eventually purchases this property, I will not be surprised to see the building razed to the ground. Perhaps that is why the current owner has not gone inside to remove the leftover merchandise. Then again, where else would he store it? But really, what I would like to know is where are all the cats that have been eating those cans of cat food?