Perry's Barber Shop, 155 Market Street: 2013 (2023/07/02)

Perry's Barber Shop, on 155 Market Street in Cheraw, was owned by a man named Perry Isgett for 60 years. It appears to have closed back in 2013. The building is for rent and may or may not come with the old-school barber's pole.

UPDATE: When I made this blog post, I neglected to consider that I had taken these pictures months, if not almost a year, ago. Since I took those pictures, a clothing shop called Chatham and Co. had opened; therefore, the building is NOT for rent.

Huddle House, 1141 Cottingham Boulevard N, Bennettsville: September 2022 (2023/05/03)

Near the end of last year while running an errand in Bennettsville, I noticed that their Huddle House had closed. One of the reviews at Restaurant Guru is from eight months ago and simply states, "This location is permanently closed." Because the date of this review is from before I made the same observation, I am going with September 2022 as the closing date.

While looking through the reviews to determine an accurate closing date, I noticed how many of them were bad, with some of them pointing out how understaffed this Huddle House was. Indeed, if you look closely at the sign in my first picture, you will see "NOW HIRING" and "APPLY WITHIN". Since you rarely see a Huddle House close, it is likely that staffing issues were a major factor, if not the main reason, for why this location was shut down.

Cheraw Motors, Inc. / Harpe Family Automotive, 970 Chesterfield Highway: November 2022 (2023/03/28)

Like both Jerry Harpe's Cars LLC and Harpe's Body Shop next door, Harpe Family Automotive closed up shop back in November of last year because the owner is going to or has already sold the property. According to their website, which is still online as of today, the business was started in 1968 as Cheraw Motors, Inc., by Tom and Sue Harpe and then passed on to their son Mitch, who operated Harpe Family Automotive with the help of his mother Sue, sister Terri, and Mike and James.

Unfortunately, by the time I had heard the news, the outside of the building had already been torn down before I could take pictures, which I did around the end of last year. On the other hand, had the inside of the building not been exposed when I took these pictures, I would not have a picture of that crimson throne.