J & K Grill and Market, 99 Powe Street: late 2013

Although I was aware of the J & K growing up, I never got around to going there, and by the time it closed, I hadn't been living in Cheraw for years. I did get to try one of their burgers at one point, which was provided for lunch while working a summer job many years ago, and it was pretty darn good. That being said, I'm definitely aware of it having been a grill, but I was never aware of it being a market of any kind.

It is my understanding that the J & K got a lot of lunchtime business from employees at Delta Woodside (a future post, by the way) so when the plant was closed down, the J & K lost that business. Given that the plant closed in 2007, I figured the J & K closed soon after; however, according to a Facebook page that I found, it appears that the J & K was still in business through most of 2013.

The building is in serious need of repair with the roof crumbling apart in the front. As noted in my post about Baskin's Kream Kastle, the J & K is on a piece of land that has been donated to the town so the building will likely be torn down. I am not sure if that bulletin board can take one more staple anyway.


By: Frank (Mon Oct 14 15:39:16 EDT 2019)
The J & K was quite popular and had great hamburgers but the filthiest restrooms I think I've ever encountered.