Sandy Point Golf Club, 3451 Middendorf Road, Hartsville: 2011

From what I have found online, Sandy Point Golf Club opened in 1986 and closed sometime in 2011, which is a pretty sad lifespan for a golf course. It is my understanding that around the time this golf course closed, the economy was not so good, and decent jobs were a bit scarce in this area. With golf being a relatively expensive hobby, if one is out of a job, then golf is likely first on the chopping block for spending less money, as it should be. Also, as my wife observed when I went out here to take pictures, this golf course is definitely located off the beaten path, which I'm sure didn't help in terms of making a profit.

I had played out here a few times when I was in high school and when I would occasionally come home from USC during my time there. Most of the time, that was with my dad and some friends of his, and I believe there was at least one time I went out here for some sort of summer junior golf event. I remember it being a nice course and reasonably priced, especially compared to golf courses where I played while living in Denver and later Austin.

The last time I played at Sandy Point Golf Club was some years before 2011 so I cannot attest to any decline in course condition during those final few years, although I am sure there had to be some if the course was running out of money. Now you can't even tell this was a golf course. I can make out the cart path going from the parking lot to what used to be hole #10, but to a person who had never seen this place when it was a golf course, I'm sure it would just appear to be some random, paved path. Now the golf course looks like untended fields of tall grass and other vegetation.

As you can see in the pictures, the clubhouse has been wrecked. I don't think I saw a single window that hasn't been shattered or at least cracked. There is graffiti on some of the walls inside. I apologize for one of the pictures showing some of that graffiti since it does contain some bad language, and I was considering not including it in this post; however, because it is only mildly profane and gives you a good idea of what has happened here, I decided to include that image. It's all ugly and sad, and what pictures I attach should show that without there being any doubt.

Anyway, believe it or not, yes, this actually used to be a golf course.