BP / CD's Convenience Store & Cheraw Plumbing Supplies / Brock's Seafood & More, 3271 Highway 9: 2010

This former gas station lies on the way from Cheraw to Chesterfield just outside the Bridlewood neighborhood. The particular shade of green on the sign up front and the discarded gas pumps in the back shows that it was a BP station, which also syncs with my own memory. The follow-up operation was CD's Convenience Store, which I suppose was still selling gas but not under the BP name.

At that same time, the building was also home to Cheraw Plumbing Supplies, and it appears that both that and CD's were owned by the same person because The Link carried a single ad for a while with both business names. The ad showed up regularly in 2009 but no later so I am assuming that CD's Convenience Store and Cheraw Plumbing Supplies closed sometime in 2010.

After that, it seems that the owner tried his hand at opening and running a seafood restaurant called Brock's Seafood & More. I have not been able to find any information about this establishment, not a single LoopNet listing, not even a Yelp review. This page is the only reference to Brock's Seafood & More with the words "coming soon". Those words make me wonder if the restaurant ever opened at all. Perhaps the fish just weren't biting.

It was pretty cool to find the one exposed gas pump lying out back, having never seen the inside of one before. I would have taken a closer picture of the inside, but there were a number of questionable-looking plants surrounding the pump, and seeing as I was then getting over a bad rash from getting into poison ivy while pulling weeds at my house, I wasn't about to tempt fate again.