Super 10, 100 Market Street: December 2012

Super 10 is a chain of small discount department stores, where, I suppose, each item is no more than $10. I am not sure when this Super 10 opened, but it appears to have closed sometime in 2012. The only mention I can find online about this Super 10 is in The Link (page 10, paywalled). Sandhill Telephone Cooperative had placed an ad in an issue or two of The Link that listed various persons and parties who needed to claim their capital credit checks from the cooperative, and Super 10 was one of the business entities listed. Because that particular ad is from February of 2013 and the check was issued in either 2011 or 2012, I will assume that this Super 10 had closed sometime during 2012; therefore, I will just say December 2012.

I had noticed this closing before in passing, but the closing became a priority for me when I found out that this building and a few adjacent buildings are slated to be demolished. Although there appear to be some cosmetic issues inside the store, I did not see any signs of structural damage. It might be that this building in particular was impacted badly by the flooding from Hurricane Florence last year, and because mold cleanup can be significantly expensive, it is likely cheaper to tear the building down. The wiring may have also been left in bad shape from the flooding, and it was probably old, too, therefore a fire hazard.

It's hard to miss the stairs that lead to nowhere in the back. As amusing as I find that (come on, it is funny), I'm sure they were attached to some building that used to be in between Super 10 and 112 Market Street, which is also slated for demolition, and I'd like to think that whoever tore down that building left the stairs as a joke. Whoever you are, sir or madam, I hope you know that at least one person gets it. Or do the stairs lead to an alternate dimension? Happy Friday the 13th, folks!