Greater Pee Dee Animal Spay & Neuter Project, Inc. And Thrift Store / Lee Real Estate (relocated), 201 Front Street and 100 Market Street: September 2019

As noted in my post last week for Super 10, several buildings located on the northwest corner of Front and Market Streets will be demolished soon. This news was reported on the front page of this week's edition of The Link (paywalled). The article notes that the Cheraw Board of Architectural Review unanimously approved demolition permits for the Super 10, old Lewis Crafts (112 Market Street?), 1 Village Park Drive, and 201 Front Street / 100 Market Street buildings. The article also points out that this building at 201 Front Street and 100 Market Street is the last remaining mill-type industrial property in this section of town.

Lee Real Estate currently occupies the section of the building facing 201 Front Street as their office. Hopefully they received the demolition news before it started showing up on Facebook and then in the newspaper, or they are in for a rude awakening. When I took these pictures almost two weeks ago, as you can see in one of the pictures, Lee Real Estate had yet to move their office, and neither their Facebook page nor their website has been updated with a new office address. I assume that Lee Real Estate is still in business because their Facebook page appears to be active.

The 100 Market Street side of the building has a window sign for Greater Pee Dee Animal Spay & Neuter Project, Inc. And Thrift Store. I see a letter to the editor posted in this issue of The Link from October 4, 2017, regarding Greater Pee Dee Animal Spay & Neuter Project, Inc., but that is the most recent mention of them; therefore, this business appears to have closed. I also looked in the door and saw that this section of the building was vacant. Although it was too dark to get a good picture with my camera, I could still determine that no one was occupying this space. My guess is that the thrift store operation of this business helped fund the spay and neuter operation. I wonder what goods the thrift store carried.

The last picture is of what appears to be the foundation of a building that was torn down in the past. I have added it to this posting because I am not sure what was here and saw no reason to make this a separate posting. If I recall correctly, this was an old seafood store or restaurant, though it would have had to have been bigger than this foundation so perhaps some of the foundation has been overgrown with grass or removed.

It will be interesting to see what new development gets built on this land. There's certainly a lot of hype being generated in this effort to revitalize downtown Cheraw. I hope we'll see it come to fruition.

UPDATE: When I heard that the demolition of these buildings had started, I stopped by a week or so ago to take some new pictures. I saw that Lee Real Estate has moved to 96 Powe Street. The building there was once a gas station, Suggs' Ice Cream shop, and recently Wingate Auto Sales, and on the day I was taking pictures, I was planning on stopping by here, too. I am hesitant to make a post about a building that is currently used by a business because I wouldn't want it to appear that I was reporting that current business as being closed.