Family Dollar, 946 Chesterfield Highway: December 2018

This Family Dollar store had been around for as long as I can remember and was the oldest store at this shopping center. I can remember a time when this shopping center had Family Dollar, BI-LO, Revco, Jones Furniture, a pawn store, Shoe Show, and the mini doughnuts stand. I believe at this point the Praise and Faith Gospel store is now the oldest.

For years, I found the name Family Dollar a bit confusing because even though it has "Dollar", Family Dollar is not actually a dollar store, where all items are valued $1.00 or less, but a discount store. The only true dollar store in town is the Dollar Tree over at the current Walmart shopping center. In fact, both store chains are owned by the same corporate entity, Dollar Tree Stores, Inc., which had acquired the Family Dollar chain a few years back. As a discount store, Family Dollar is akin to Dollar General, a competitor of Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.

The Family Dollar chain has not performed well for Dollar Tree Stores, Inc., so this particular Family Dollar store was part of a series of store closings that occurred at the end of last year. Even if this Family Dollar had survived those closings, it would have likely been included in the next series of closings that was announced last March. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.