Dawkins Building, 130 Market Street: 2012

As reported on the front page of this early December edition of The Link (paywalled), this building at 130 Market Street, which is located between Mary's Restaurant and the former Super 10, is slated to be demolished for the construction of the future Springhill Suites hotel. There will now be five buildings taken down for this hotel, which also include the aforementioned Super 10, the warehouse currently used by the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the Lewis Crafts building, and the complex on 201 Front Street and 100 Market Street. Ironically, I took pictures of the Dawkins building on the same day that I took pictures of the rest of those buildings, at the time having no idea the Dawkins building would eventually be included in the demolition for the new hotel.

The article notes that the building has been condemned since 2012 and that it is collapsing from within. Because the Dawkins building is boarded up, I could not see inside the building, but it certainly looks to be in rough enough shape from the outside. I admire the shiny red tiles above the former storefront, and I'm sure that storefront of whatever business(es) used to occupy this building was even more appealing years ago when the building was actually in good shape.