Fatz Cafe, 973 Chesterfield Highway: February 2020

The beginning of 2020 brings to Cheraw another restaurant closing. As reported in this week's edition of The Link (paywalled, top of page 3), Fatz Cafe in Cheraw has gone out of business. It seems that someone has forgotten to tell the webmin for the main Fatz website that this location has closed. Also, the employees were not told of the closing, with several showing up to work only to find the doors locked.

Before this Fatz Cafe was opened, I remember going to another location some years ago and liking the food, especially the opium ro—urr, I mean, the poppy seed rolls. I've also noticed that Fatz never seems to skimp you on any servings; I've always felt like I get plenty of bang for my buck there.

It likely never helped this Fatz location here that it has experienced several management changes over the last few years, with varying levels of quality coming and going with those changes. I had only been to this Fatz a few times, and the service was always slow. The poppy seed rolls were also not as good as I remembered from years ago except for the last time I went back in December after, that's right, another management change. I recall, too, one visit where they ran out of silverware because they couldn't keep up with washing dishes in the back. It really can't be that surprising that this Fatz Cafe closed down. Unfortunately, the loss of Fatz in Cheraw takes away another sorely needed sit-down restaurant option that is open most of the week rather than just two or three days.


By: Jerry (Fri Aug 28 10:21:36 EDT 2020)
Plus, no Sunday alcohol sales didn't help their bottom line. Hopefully this issue will be rectified in November.