Little Caesars Pizza / Pizza Max, 857 Chesterfield Highway: 2000s

Little Caesars Pizza was one of the original tenants at Chesterfield Commons back in the early 1990s and was two storefronts down from the old Sub Station II. I think Cheraw had just lost Pizza Inn, which was where Brady's Restaurant is now, and so we were down to Pizza Hut as the only pizza option in town, as we are now. Little Caesars was always better, and it was a shame when they left Cheraw at the end of the 1990s.

Soon after, I remember Pizza Max moving into this space. I never tried Pizza Max, but I remember them being in business back in the 2000s; however, because I don't recall seeing Pizza Max in business whenever I'd visit town in the early 2010s, it seems Pizza Max closed by the end of the 2000s. Looking inside the storefront, it does not appear that Pizza Max changed much on the inside from when it was a Little Caesars.