Hilltop Night Club, 10481 Highway 1, Patrick: mid-2000s

Hilltop Night Club is easy to miss when driving between Cheraw and Patrick, for it sits a ways back from the highway. The former night club is located just outside of Patrick and, true to its name, on top of a hill. Being that there is little information about Hilltop Night Club that I can find online, it is hard to say what type of night club it was, but I am sure it offered dancing, drinking, and pool; I definitely feel certain about the last because of the broken cue stick I saw lying on the ground by the entrance. Due to the significant overgrowth that I see on the property and the lack of a Facebook page, my guess is that Hilltop Night Club was closed by the mid-2000s, as Facebook had not yet taken off outside of colleges, and it seems that every business has established a presence on Facebook within the last decade.