Scotchman / El Cheapo / Short Stop / Cheraw Fast Lane, 500 Highways 1 and 52: 2017

This gas station on Highways 1 and 52 had gone by many names over the years, and I doubt I have all of those names listed. Cheraw Fast Lane appears to have been the final name of the station before it closed sometime in 2017, and I say 2017 because of the Nascar schedule hanging on the window. Scotchman is the earliest name I remember for this gas station.

Cheraw Fast Lane had also gone through several oil company affiliations. The red and black theme is from when it was a Texaco gas station, which I do recall. There is an Exxon gas pump on one side of the store, although I do not recall this station being affiliated with Exxon. I am pretty sure this station may have also been affiliated with Shell and BP at different times. In fact, I think it was a Shell station when it was a Scotchman store.

There appears to be a working pay phone at front, which is a rare sight given the prevalence of cell phones. Cheraw Fast Lane also seems to have served more food than just the typical gas station hot dogs, with a menu including fried chicken and seafood dinners. As the location seems decent enough, I won't be surprised if someone sets up a new operation at this station. After all, this gas station has been in operation off and on for about forty years.