Another Place / The Round Table / The Lumberyard / Cheraw Moose Lodge No. 2404, 1064 Highways 1 and 52: March 2020

It appears that the Cheraw Moose Lodge is no more. Back in March, while driving by, I happened to notice that the sign was gone, and within the last month or so, a for sale sign had been displayed, as seen in one of my pictures. When I drove by today, I saw that a church had moved into the building.

The Cheraw Moose Lodge chapter does not appear to be relocating. Although the main organization's website shows the Cheraw Moose Lodge, it also states, "No Chapter at this time." This would not have been the first time the Cheraw Moose Lodge had relocated, as I recall it being near the ice house years ago.

UPDATE: Per Susan's comment, I have added The Round Table restaurant and The Lumberyard nightclub to the title of this post.

UPDATE: Thanks to poster Billy Rollings for pointing out that this building used to be a nightclub called Another Place, which opened in 1973 and booked numerous bands and musicians, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, during its short existence.


By: Susan (Fri Jul 10 13:18:58 EDT 2020)
I know in the late 70;s this was a restaurant, The Round Table. and in the late 80;s I know it was a nightclub, The Lumberyard. I can't remember the exact dates, but I do know of those two uses of the building.

By: sean (Sat Jul 11 12:15:59 EDT 2020)
@Susan Thanks for checking in! I'll update the post with what you have provided. I'm definitely not old enough to remember either The Round Table or The Lumberyard. I suppose I had never paid any attention to this building until recently when I moved back to town so I had no idea what it was before it became the Cheraw Moose Lodge. Growing up, we usually bypassed this stretch of the highway.

By: Billy Rollings (Sun Jul 26 11:46:04 EDT 2020)
You missed the most important part of this building's history. When it opened in 1973, it was "Another Place". This nightclub booked Lynyrd Skynyrd after they were already signed to MCA records, just before their first album was released. For several hundred lucky people, this was the first time we heard "Free Bird", "Sweet Home Alabama", etc. I think the cover charge was probably $4 for that show and they played on a Friday and Saturday night, back to back. Many other great artists from all over the world played there during the short time it was open.

By: Tom (Wed Jul 28 03:56:47 EDT 2021)
I lived in Bennettsville and was 22 at the time. I was one of the lucky ones at both Lynyrd Skynyrd shows. Memorable shows.

By: Karen R. (Sun Apr 23 18:35:35 EDT 2023)
They also booked LOOKING GLASS that sang BRANDY, YOU'RE A FINE GIRL. Thought it was The Round Table at that time, but could be wrong. Nice memories.