Walgreens #10595, 1146 Cheraw Street, Bennettsville: 2019

The Walgreens in Bennettsville seems to have been one of the 200 Walgreens stores that were closed nationwide back in 2019. Although I found several news articles online announcing the closing of the 200 Walgreens stores, a list of stores was apparently never provided by Walgreens. In other words, you wouldn't have known if your local Walgreens was one that was going to be closed until you walked up to the door one day to find a closed sign. A report of the closings was officially filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the other SEC) on August 6, 2019, which can be viewed here.

With the building appearing to be no older than 20 years, surely another pharmacy like a Rite Aid or a discount store like Dollar General will end up moving in. Maybe before then, someone will at least turn off the lights.