Marlboro Park Hospital, 1138 Cheraw Street, Bennettsville: May 1, 2015

Marlboro Park Hospital in Bennettsville has been closed since May 1 of 2015. Apparently, once McLeod Health had purchased Marlboro Park Hospital, a decision was made to close the hospital due to a low daily patient occupancy rate and the hospital operating at a significant financial deficit. All patients were moved to the former Chesterfield General Hospital, now McLeod Health Cheraw.

Even though the hospital has been closed for several years, McLeod Health appears to still be taking care of the grounds. Also, power is still actively supplied to the building, for I noticed that the lights were on and heard the air conditioning activate. Several signs on the grounds indicate that Marlboro Park Hospital is routinely patrolled by security staff. I never saw any security guard, and though the exchange might have been a bit awkward ("What are you doing here?", "Um...I have a website..."), I would have welcomed it; a lit-up hospital with no patients, doctors, nurses, etc., is a bit spooky to me.