Bioscapes, 293 Highway 52 South: January 2020

Earlier this year, I remember driving by this place and seeing the for sale sign. As the sign reads, Bioscapes provided full service landscaping, and according to its Facebook page, Bioscapes also provided pest control service. Although the Facebook page has sparse, infrequent updates, since the last post was back in January and since the post mentioned the sale of an "almost brand new mower", I will say that is when the property was listed for sale.

That said, searching for Bioscapes online also yields a home address, and Google still lists the hours as if Bioscapes is still in business; however, if Bioscapes has simply relocated, I would think that the Facebook page might list that other address instead of the address on Highway 52 South. The website that is listed on the sign and on the Facebook page is also inactive. It could be that the owner decided to run his business from his house rather than continue to have to pay taxes on property that he decided that he no longer needs. Knowing who the owner is, I hope that is actually the case. Then again, maybe he decided to sell the business and made off well from that.

UPDATE: I can confirm that Bioscapes is out of business. A handyman service called Punchlist has purchased the property at 293 Highway 52 South and is in the process of moving in.