Quincy's Family Steakhouse, 502 West Roosevelt Boulevard, Monroe: December 2019 (reopened)

The Quincy's in Monroe has been closed since it was on fire almost a year ago. That's a shame because this was one of two Quincy's that I knew were still in existence, the other location being Florence. My family and I had eaten at the Quincy's in Monroe a couple of times last year, and the food was just how I remembered it being at the old Cheraw Quincy's years ago. Could you get a better steak somewhere else these days? Sure; however, I'd rather grill my own steak anyway. The real question is "Can you get better yeast rolls somewhere else?", and the answer is forever and always a resounding "No!"

UPDATE May 1: The Quincy's in Monroe has reopened. I drove by the restaurant yesterday afternoon, and the parking lot was jam-packed. Keep in mind that this was around 2 PM, which is not exactly the typical lunch time for most folks, nor is it supper time. It seems that this Quincy's is thriving once again.