Old Jail, Front Street: ????

This building that faces Front Street and sits across East Market Street from the former location of Brigman's Auto Repair appears to have been used by B.C. Moore's years ago, perhaps as a small office building. I suppose that to be the case because of the old Moore's trailer sitting behind the building. I'm guessing the building was constructed during the mid-20th century due to the bricks looking more smoothly and uniformly shaped than, say, a 100+ year old brick would have been made to look. The building is currently being used by the Cheraw public works department, according to the sign out front.

UPDATE: This building was not an office for B.C. Moore's; it was the old jail. The building next door at the end of Market Street was used as an office building for B.C. Moore's. I think I already have pictures of the actual office building somewhere; I'll have to make a separate post with those. Thank you to commenter Marvin for pointing this out!


By: Marvin (Sun Jan 9 11:10:58 EST 2022)
The building that is pictured was the old Jail. The building that was once used as the B.C. Moore's advertising office was approx 30 yards to the right of the pictured building.

By: sean (Sun Jan 16 13:30:30 EST 2022)
Thank you, @Marvin, for providing that info. Do you recall when the jail was last used?