Bill's BBQ & Seafood / Hooks BBQ & Buffet (remodel, temporary relocation), 3566 Highway 9: 2020

UPDATE: Hooks BBQ & Buffet has reopened its location in Cheraw at 3566 Highway 9.

Hooks BBQ & Buffet of Cheraw has temporarily relocated to 4251 Highway 9 in Wallace as a to-go/catering operation in order to renovate their main location at 3566 Highway 9. This move seems to have occurred within the last year or so, although I cannot find anything close to an exact date. I am having to go by when I first remember driving by the restaurant and noticing that the sign out front was gone, and I think that was at some point early in 2020.

Removing the sign out front does not seem to me to have been the best decision because I assumed that they had gone out of business. In fact, I was planning on posting Hooks BBQ & Buffet as a closing right up until I was getting ready to head out to the restaurant and take pictures. Before I left, I found their Facebook page and discovered that it was recently and frequently updated with a menu on a daily basis, and each post makes sure to point out their current location in Wallace.

Unfortunately, if you are neither internet savvy nor a user of that aforementioned social media site, it seems that Hooks BBQ & Buffet was hoping that you might drive up to the Cheraw location and read the two posters on the windows at the front of the restaurant that would inform you about the remodel and temporary relocation. Needless to say, Hooks BBQ & Buffet is open and cooking.

The previous operation was Bill's BBQ & Seafood. Although I have not gotten around to eating at Hooks BBQ & Buffet, I did eat at Bill's BBQ & Seafood years ago when it was open. Both times were for a high school function. It was alright. Bill's BBQ & Seafood seems to have closed sometime in 2015. I think I remember them opening in the 1990s; that said, 20 years is a pretty good run for a restaurant.