Main Street Mortgage of Davidson, Inc., 3357 Highway 9: before 2019

This building was last used by Main Street Mortgage of Davidson, Inc. I suspect the reason for the "Davidson" in the name may be because the company was previously started in Davidson, NC; then again, this could have been a branch office for one in Davidson. Either way, the business went into forfeiture some years ago.

Not being able to find anything else online about this company, nor being able to locate a listing in my 2019 yellow pages and phone books (the oldest ones I own for this area), I can only say that Main Street Mortgage of Davidson, Inc., went out of business prior to 2019. Even though the note on the door mentions the business moving to Chesterfield, I am not sure if that ever happened. Also, the new address, 200 West Main Street, appears to be incorrect, unless the business somehow moved into the Chesterfield County Courthouse.

The building looks more like a residence than a business office. Either the screen porch on the second floor of the back of the building is attached to what would have been an upstairs bedroom or this was a duplex. If it was a duplex, then it seems that you would have reached the upstairs apartment by going through the front and accessing a centrally located staircase. If it was not a duplex, then maybe that is an idea for whoever ends up buying this property.