Wannamaker Drug, 154 Market Street: February 1, 2021 (relocated)

At the beginning of February, the Wannamaker Drug store in Cheraw moved from its longtime downtown location at 154 Market Street to the old P&H Pharmacy location at 700 Chesterfield Highway. The new location gives the Wannamaker Drug store a drive-thru window that it did not have before. It is also a prime location for patients of the McLeod Health doctors' office next door and hospital.

The only time I went into Wannamaker Drug was years ago during a school field trip of the historical sites around downtown Cheraw. It had an ice cream counter, and we all had ice cream cones. I got vanilla because...well...that's mostly what I ate at the time. Why do people refer to vanilla as being plain? It's its own flavor. Vanilla really doesn't ever seem to get a fair shake (no pun intended...no, really). If it were the base that all other flavors were built off of, sure, you're got a point, but that's not the case. Still, I have moved onto other flavors as I've gotten older; I'm more of a mint chocolate chip kinda guy these days...but I can still appreciate vanilla.