Old Service Station, 57 Powe Street: May 2021

This old service station at 57 Powe Street has been demolished, along with Baskin's Kream Kastle and the J & K. It is my understanding that all of this land will be used for constructing a town fitness center.

This place has changed names and ownership over the years a number of times, I'm sure; however, unfortunately, I have none of those names. Well, I have been told that at one point, this service station was operated by a man named Kenny Tarlton. I vaguely recall seeing gas pumps at this station in the 1990s. Of course, as you can see in these pictures now, those pumps had been removed since then.

I actually took these pictures when I started this website back in 2019, and I snapped them at the same time as I snapped the pictures for the old Kream Kastle and J & K. At the time, I had assumed that this place was abandoned, but I soon noticed that someone was using this location to work on cars. I wonder if this last business was able to relocate and continue.