Cheraw Muffler Shop / Presnell's Auto Repair / S&W Variety & Thrift Store, 1109 West Market Street: November 2021

The first business that I remember being at 1109 West Market Street was Cheraw Muffler Shop. I always liked the look of the light blue paint on the sheet metal building. Looking at the county tax records, 2004 is the last year associated with Cheraw Muffler Shop so I'll say that is likely when this business closed, and that does match up with when I last remember seeing it open.

Some time afterward, Presnell's Auto Repair opened at 1109 West Market Street. Although I do recall noticing this business on one of my visits back to town years ago, I don't know how long Presnell's Auto Repair was open. This review shows that Presnell's Auto Repair was still open at this address at the end of 2012 (aka the end of the world!). Looking around online, I see a couple different addresses associated with Presnell's Auto Repair or a similar name; therefore, the business has operated at more than just the one location at 1109 West Market Street. There is also a social media page for a business called Presnell's Performance, which was located at 111 Tim Hickey Circle in Cheraw, which is one of the associated addresses that I found. Noting that the last post on that page is from the end of 2017, it would seem that Presnell's Auto Repair / Presnell's Performance is out of business.

The most recent business at 1109 West Market Street was S&W Variety & Thrift Store. Based on when this store's social media page was created, S&W Variety & Thrift Store opened around the beginning of 2017 and went out of business around the end of 2021. Because I like to go to thrift stores, I had meant to stop by here at some point; however, the store's hours of operation were limited, and whenever I would think about going there, S&W Variety & Thrift Store was closed.

By the time I had taken these pictures, the building had been repainted once again from the previous shade of blue to a light tan color. According to the county GIS data website, the property at 1109 West Market Street was purchased in September 2021; however, it appears that the current owner may have intended to fix up the property and flip it, for there is now a "for sale" sign out front.