Pizza Inn / Brady's Restaurant and TB's Bar & Grill, 80 Powe Street: July 2022

Brady's Restaurant and TB's Bar & Grill appears to have silently closed back in July. According to the Chesterfield County GIS website, the property was sold on July 6. It remains to be seen if the new owner will reopen the restaurant and bar-and-grill under the same name, under a different name, or even as a restaurant at all.

Brady's Restaurant is a bit of an institution given how many years it has been open in Cheraw. Growing up here, I remember Brady's Restaurant being at 80 Powe Street since the 1990s, and apparently, Brady's Restaurant was previously located right smack in the middle of downtown Cheraw in the building behind Town Hall. I don't remember that, but the picture does not lie, though it is mistakenly described as being on Market Street when that building is clearly on Second Street.

I wish I could say that I have fond memories of Brady's Restaurant, but either time I ate there, though the food was good, its quality did not match its expensive price. That said, I know a number of people who ate there regularly. Maybe I should I have eaten the steak, but I rarely get grilled steak at a restaurant when I can grill a ribeye just fine.

Before 80 Powe Street was the location of Brady's Restaurant, it was a Pizza Inn, and that is a place I have fond memories of and still miss, though yes, I know I can eat at Pizza Inn in Rockingham (and I do eat there once in a while). I vaguely recall going to someone's birthday party at Pizza Inn when I was a kid.