???, 149 Market Street: ????

I have no memory of what business was located at 149 Market Street in Cheraw. I couldn't even tell you if a business has operated here during my lifetime. I only have my observations for this address, which is next to the former Roy Powers Jewelry and previous location of Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios.

There are mirrors inside. There seems to be a dressing room towards the back of the store. It is likely that 149 Market Street was previously a small clothing or dress shop.

The walls look to be recently painted. The hardwood/laminate floor of the store seems to be in decent shape. The ceiling and outside display cases could use some attention. I can easily see a new clothing/dress shop opening here. How about a jewelry store? We could use one of those; I'd like somewhere local to get my watch working again.

Alright, folks. What was this place? Leave your comments below.